Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hello :-)

Today was an alright day! I don't feel like blogging in words but I instagram-ed today! (Like I usually do!) so yayyy. Instagram is lovely, really. Essentially, though, I woke up, fell back asleep, forcefully dragged myself out of bed (I really don't get my body clock these days, because I sleep at 12, 1+, and I automatically wake up at 8 or 9, even though that's only 7-8 hours. AIYAAA I want to sleep more while I can but I stand in my own way okay not making too much sense), went town, went to the gym, and went to the hospital :-)

I have two weeks of holidays left and I plan to spend them well :-( Its quite upsetting really, how we have only about 13 days of this year left. I mean 2011 has been a serious rollercoaster, but like, I enjoyed it all the same and I wouldn't have this year any other way (mostly, well, you do live with some upset in your life) and srsly its so sad to see this year go, and welcome in the new year. I mean, yay! Thank God we have a new year, but like, I'm not sure if I'm looking forward. I mean, next year's 2012 and we are the class of 2012, and therefore it means leaving another school :-( 

Okay anyways I have tomorrow planned out! And for the rest of the week, 
Tuesday: Nicole + Starbz + homework + catching up + me tryna teach her chem HEHE. 
Wednesday: idekkkk.
Thursday: Following my braaaww to the Secondary school that he got posted to mehmeh can't go out w Liz but I think it'll be exciting all the same
Friday: idek as well!
Saturday: yknow the usual YOUTH (L). 
Sunday: CHRISTMAS :-) 

Anw I think this week will be quite exciting as well because there are two birthdays this week! Both of which belong to people who matter lots lots lots to me and yay! I love the both of you so so so much :3 (L). Also, I couldn't be more thankful for my church community, like srsly, they're such amazing people ok, and they make me smile all the time :-) Been talking to some of my churchies, and seriously I loooove them :3 And most importantly, I love GOD :-) 

My fitness plan: To run everyday until school reopens. 
My ultimate plan: To lose like 2kg, I mean, sorry, to slim down by 2kg by the time school reopens (HAHA slim down = more positive so okay! c: ) 

This is really leading nowhere OK BYE :-)