Thursday, December 29, 2011

Today I went back to school to study! Managed to drag my fat ass out of bed at 8AM even though I really wanted to sleep some more, I was like half dead HAHA. Got to school @ 9, made a pit stop at the Esso petrol kiosk (Cheers!) to get beibeimian hehehe :3

Met Grace and went up to our hobo spot! We started off with a bit of Chem, and Ms Kek came along! :-) We helped her label CDs. HAHAHA. She burned some kiddy Chinese learning thing into 50 CDs so she needed help labelling them, and I, armed with my sharpies could! HAHA. Had fun la, labelled CDs, wrote Chinese for the first time in, idk how long HAHAHA, and talked :-) I told Ms Kek & Grace the coming (PUN) joke that Mrs Choo told us during class AND THEY DIDN'T GET IT. LMAOOO.

Also, Grace gave me presentssss :-) Thanq bb :-) 

Also, whilst I was drifting around doing SS, Ms Koh comes along and I'm all HI MS KOH and she goes "AUNTIE YOU'VE BEEN SITTING HERE FOR 3 WEEKS NEVER GO HOME RIGHT?!?!?!?" HAHAHAAA. I love our MG teachers srsly, they're the best (': Amazeballs and everything, hehehe. Ya okay so we continued doing work, I tried doing Deterrence + Diplomacy + whatever nonsense LMAO. Got bored, did some Chem, bla bla bla.

Then we had lunch! Ms Kek let us into the staff room so we could get hot water for our beibeimian TANQ MS KEK. :-) Ate @ the trellis and roamed around school, looking for working vending machines HAHA. We met the SALT girls whilst walking around! :-) Caught up a little with Charrrr. :-) I miss Charmaine!!! She's so qt. "Did you go anywhere during the holidays?" "Uhhh... Dehli? :-)" HAHAHA. Can't wait to see her + Keren (KEREEENNN. And Billy of course. You can't forget Billy!) + Kristin + Andrea Wong + Megxie + Jiayi + Claris next year :)))))) Heheh okay.

NAT GAVE ME CAKE. Omnom. Cake. Nat baked cake I ate cake Nat baked HEHEHE. Sat around the trellis and talked, moved back up to the staff room and discussed History with Nat. We went down to the tracks to try to run. FAILED :-( HAHA. I failed la I only ran two rounds because I got extreme stitches SUXXXX :(((( But Nat was full onz man, Gracey ran 3. That is all. We went into the bbcy cuz it started raining, talked a bit, Nat went home!

Returned up to outside the staff room with Grace, where Grace finished her Chem mindmap, while I fell asleep for half an hour HAHAHAHA. I'm such a pig, really. Went home after that :-)

Didn't do much for the rest of the day, really. I am such a fatty I desperately need to slim down. BUT WHADDUP I FINISHED MY CHEM MINDMAP I am a happy gurl. Now all I need to do is ask Mrs Lau for help in redox teehee luv herrrr. ;) Okay I'm going to end off with a picture of MG #schoolpride HAHAHA. There's grass growing on the quad - we have not stood on the quad for like 2 months hehe