Monday, December 26, 2011

Vhaddup people,

So like I'm currently sitting in this cafe (it's a really cool cafe) at Marine Parade CC being very bored. It's some sort of gathering, my parents' friends, so the adults are all like talking away about who knows what, and their children are all mostly below the age of 10, therefore different wavelengths of life. So I am like sitting in the corner doing naaaathing. Meh meh. In other news, the food here is darn good omg. Had Sheperd's Pie & Baked rice (I shared with my brudder of course, I don't want to grow fat HAHAHAHA) IS LIKE HEAVENNN LMAO. Yessss okay the whole cafe smells like food now. I AM STILL HUNGRAY O WHY AM I SO PHATTY LOL.

Anyway, had a pretty uninteresting day. My brother woke me up for no particular reason at like 10.30AM. I slept at 2.30, 3AM last night? Screwing up my sleep cycle right before school starts lmao :( I DON'T WANT SCHOOL TO START I am so dreading Sec 4, but aiya. We shall see. Okay anyway, woke up at 10.30, played Sims on the PSP, rolled around and went for lunch at IMM. Then went back home, played some more Sims, rolled around some more, and then we came here. So I am at the other side of singapore eating. And being bored. And blogging. Also I have no photos today :(


That is all.