Tuesday, December 20, 2011



I just watched Flipped! Hahaha I was planning to watch it for a really really long time, I think, after Mrs Lau told me I should watch it because she said I would like it (which I do. She is usually right about such things) and I just remembered to resume the torrent download thingy, so I could watch it today! AND IT IS REALLY SO CUTE HEHEHE :3 I really liked it, (':

I've seen this quote somewhere before! On tumblr! Wow I never knew it was from this movie, but ya, now I know la. HAHAHA. 

Aaaah HAHAHA okay this movie is like rly rly rly sweet :') And I somehow really love the way they speak HAHA like the entire movie was basically a narration by Bryce & Juli hehe. I think they have such nice voices aaah I could listen to them talking all day long! HAHAHA okay starting to sound rather freaky. But its a really really sweet movie, a nice movie to watch (': My favourite part was when Juli went with her dad to visit her retarded (I do not mean this in the mean way, I mean this in the retarded = mentally handicapped, even though it sounds really bad either way, so I think they should really come up with a different term. Being labelled a retard is not very nice when you cannot help it) uncle, and it was really sweet because right there you saw unconditional love and acceptance for what you were, no matter how he acted up, how he presented himself in public, even though its really difficult to deal. And I was really awwwww <3

OKAY NICE MOVIE. I've been watching movies like crazy HAHAHA. Let's see, Eternal Sunshine, Love Actually, A Walk to Remember, and now Flipped! All within the span of like five days HAHAHA. I might try Troy next, idk, Jess told me about it last Friday but then I told her I think of Zac Efron at the mention of the name Troy HAHAHAHA. Hmm, we'll see :-) I'll think of movies I really wanted to watch but I never had the chance to (ie. Summer blockbuster because its during the busiest period of the school year GRRRR) 

Today I'm going to: 
a. Go to the gym, o terrible Singapore weather, it has been raining practically non-stop the past few days, thus jeopardizing my plans to swim. Also I really want to make a point to exercise like everyday heee. 
b. Buy envelopes + stamps so I can send out my Christmas cards by tomorrow.
c. Finish writing above mentioned Christmas cards. 
d. Maybe get myself some gong cha, I've been cravvvving. 
e. And also maybe study o joy how I love, uhm, Physics. HAHA. 

Lise just whatsapped me HAHAHAHA SRSLY loving the name of our group chat (Tessa + Lise & I HAHAHA) Also, she just reminded me that I have not read the Chrysalids yet. I'm not done with the poopsie book srsly HAHAHA. O well my plan to not read until I need to read has proved to work very well. 

What I have learnt the past few days, or have come to realise: That God is always with me and will go before, so I have no reason to be unreasonably upset. I LOOOOVE GOOOOD (': And really one of my resolutions for 2012 is to be a true testimony for him, no hatin'. yknw. HAHA. (':