Wednesday, December 14, 2011



So I'm back to blogger after my tumblr account got suspended for whatever reason. Stupid tumblr, ugh. I'm quite pissed off, I mean, WHAT DID I DO?! Yup just that- nothing. UGHz. Anyway, I've sort of missed blogger, you know. I've always liked it. Hahaha so yeah now I'm back to blogger. I like blogger, so I am quite confused with the change anyway. Then again, I had a valid (to me, at least) reason for leaving my old blog ( alone, it was too perfect to disrupt, in the sense that that was a point in time where I was, well, better than what I am now. So this is like LOL a new phase, not that I'm liking it anyway.

So let me just give you a summary of my day in list form (I have a thing for lists, don't you? They're so fun and orderly and in a straight line. Whee. Okay): 

1. I woke up because my ahma woke me up to ask me what I wanted for brunch or whatever.
2. Checked my twitter/facebook feed.
3. Went back to sleep after thinking to myself about the pains of life.
4. Woke up again at about 11.30, had prata for brunch.
5. Caught up with Disney shows for the rest of the afternoon,
6. Also, I began moulding my moon dough out of pure boredom.
7. I am here now.

One thing I love for sure: Instagram. Yay I love this amazing photo app. 

My life is so boring. K anyway I should find something better to do with it yes? Like doing some homework or getting started/continuing with my Christmas cards or even studying for the year that is upon us. Those options sound tons more productive than what I am doing now - Mindlessly eating, mindlessly travelling the internet, mindlessly watching the television and moaning and groaning about life and how mine sucks. When really, all I need to remember is that God loves me and that will be enough. It will, won't it? I mean, God's love is more than sufficient, more powerful and filling than any kind of love a human could give. So why does it seem that I feel so disgusted with myself and the way my life has turned out? K anyway I really need to go set my priorities straight. I thought I got them right after camp, but now its a mess again. 


Also, I might need to make some friends who have time to listen to me. Hahahahahaaaaaaaa. Okay joking. I don't want to make friends for that sole reason, that would be selfish selfish selfish. So I was just thinking. I don't have a lot of friends I can pour my heart out to, no one, in fact. No one left, anyway. O well o well o well. I am confused confused confused, because really? I AM REALLY CONFUSED I could never scream this loud enough. Hello talk to me please. I can't decide if you want to or you don't. I am very very confused, therefore. 

If you could read my mind now, my thought shapes (haaaaa) would be like all: oahogihaoihfo hoaiwhogihaoidhgo hawoihgoaihsoihgoh oawihoiashfoaihgo hoaiwho ahgoiahoifhao oaihg oaihgignlsvnc,nai oihoaihgoahingsjg oiahwoig. 
Yup that's a fun place to be.

What a terrible first post.

Okay goodbye.