Friday, December 16, 2011

Hello all!

This morning is a good morning! Its only 10.45AM, who knows what'll go wrong in the day to come, but I have a feeling that today will be good :-) Anyway I woke up at about 8.50, what is up with my body clock :(((( I fell asleep last night right after X Factor (LOOKIN' HAWT NICOLE SCHERZINGER soooorry I am so creepy) so much so I woke up at 4AM to find out I still had my specs + hairband on & phone by my side. ZONKED. Anyways.

Woke up this morning and started by feeling quite ngeh and sleepy but unable to go back to bed ): Then two wonderful things happened: a. MARCUS CANTY HAS BEEN ELIMINATED FROM X FACTOR my heart sings with an immense joy. After 3 weeks of singing survival, 3 weeks of being in the bottom two and as a result, seeing amazing contestants such as Drew and Rachel go, HE IS FINALLY OUT OMG I can't believe it AMERICA THAS HOW YOU DO IT. Anyway so the final three = Melanie, Josh, Chris, so I cannot be happier! YAY YAY YAY :-) I would be fine with any of them winning (I am an immense sucker for sob stories sobsob) but of course I would prefer Melanie to win oh yes yay!
b. going for Starbz with Jess laterrr :-) Just had Starbz in KL on Sunday, but you can never get enough of starbz! Anyway it'll be a good time, it's nice to have found a friend in her :-)
c. I am currently watching Love Actually, the entire movie was filmed in Britain, I suppose, all of them have adorable to-die-for English accents. However, there are many many storylines running parallel, and I'm getting a little messed up with some of them because I don't exactly recognise the actors and associate their storylines to them very well, but still its all good! ;) HAHA very cute la however I need to check out the rating because I don't think its PG HAHAHA if you know what i mean. Anyway.

Okay bye I'll post later when I'm back! 


OKAY HELLO! :-) I'm back from Clementi Mall w Jess :-)  HAHA it was super fun, actly, :-) Okay so we hung around at Starbz (Jess's best friend) for the first hour or so, yay, we both bought green tea cream fraps (; It seems like I always drink that whenever I go to Starbz but whatever it is good and I love it HAHA. Talked lots about stuff, from how to go about CG bonding tomorrow (ahmagash all my bbs aren't gonna be there tomorrow NO FEAR we are combining with Jon Seet's CG and Jess is going to be there whee okay) thought of games and stuff so that was good! Then went on to personal things hahaha LIFE. We were talking about cute songs we are going to play at our weddings, SO I HAVE DECIDED to come up with a wedding play list qtqtqt. Yup! TOOK A POLAROID hehehe adorbz, Jess ran out of film but she's going to bring more tomorrow! :3 Yay I love polaroids!

Yup! So after (as Jess puts it) nuaing at Starbz, we proceeded to walk around Clementi Mall! Went into really random shops, ie, we went into The face shop and Jess applied nail polish to all my ten fingers. They are all of different colours, like so. 

HAAHAHHA okay this applies to my other hand as well. I'm not allowed to remove it, so Jess says when people ask, I should go all "I couldn't make up my mind!" HAHA. Anyway it looks quite good la ;-) Jess can do a manicure for me HEHEHEHE. HAHA okay anyway! After walking around and deciding there wasn't much left to do (It was like 4.30 or something already! Jess wanted to watch New Year's Eve but the movie was at like 6.40 and I need to be home for dinner), we went hoooome :-) 

IT WAS A FUN TIME RLY HAHA, learnt a lot about each other (insert perv face here HAHA) but yayyyy :-) Can't wait for church tomorrow, I love my churchies like really they are such amazing people. ALSO HAPPY DANCE A Walk To Remember is nearly downloaded! :-) Jess said I should try that movie (after moaning about Titanic and going hysterical about titanic 2) WOO WOOO leukemia girl yayyyy I like. HAHAHA I seem to be attracted to movies/shows where the lead has some form of leukemia. (ie, MSK, The Oath omgomg)