Wednesday, December 28, 2011

the late christmas dinner


In the morning, I, being the good sister I am, accompanied my brother to settle his appeal stuff, get his appeal letters signed, booklist and allz. WASIAO he's buying our O level Chem + Physics textbooks + our Sec 2 history textbook my mouth fell open manz. BUT I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS DAY, I CAN FINALLY GIVE MY PRECIOUS SEC 2 TEXTBOOK AWAY Its filled with all my notes it is one of my prized nerd possessions.
We went to SJI > Fairfield > SJI. So my brother is a Josephian. Good job braawwww.

However, I was dragged out of bed at 7.30, I slept at 1.30 the previous night I am dying right now HOW AM I GOING TO SURVIVE SCHOOL LIDDAT AH. I usually only sleep for 5 hours on school days. Or less. Le Sigh. We shall see.

Ryanny's today! :-) For our CG Christmas party/gathering/lunch/dinner/WHATEVER HAHAHHAA. Okay! So got to church at about 1? Ryan, Kaishiong & Tze Jun were there, Ryanny went to borrow board games from the church office, :-) Then we went to Ryannyyyy's. The walk up the hill is tragically tiring, HAHA VERY STEEP LA.

Ya okay so we slacked. Ate snacks and.... Stared @ each other, until Ryanny decided to switch on his TV. So, clearly, the boys made the mistake of letting me have the remote control, so I made them sit and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with me and act like small children ("YAAAAAYYY MICKEY") and following that wonderful Halloween Special, Spongebob! :-) KAISHIONG SPONGEBOB SUPPORTER: "Quite nice what" HAHAHAHA, whereas on the other hand, you should've seen Ryan's face. It was a mix of amusement + astonishment. HAHA. 
Ryan then saved himself from the pain of watching kiddie shows (He can already legally drink alcohol HAHAHA) and set up his Wii! :-) Watched him play FIFA '12 with Kaishiong I have never really appreciated soccer. Watched anyway, it was quite exciting la HAHA. When you watch the people play it. With the controller and all. 

HEHE okay, so Yongxiang + Yi Herng came over the next half an hour (or so) and I had so much fun playing Wii Sports with them HAHAHAH. FUN FUN. I played Wrestling with Kaishiong and I wooooooon. HAHAHA. And then Ryan VS Yongxiang and Ryan VS Yi Herng RYAN VERY INTENSE WITH THE WRESTLING HAHAHA. Played other sports like Tennis (I suck), Baseball (I suck even more. But then its okay, Yi Herng sucked too ITS SUPER HARD TO WHACK THE BALL HAHAHA), & Bowling (wah this. I suck at bowling in real life but I'm so good at it on Wii Sports HAHAHAHA)  

Krissy came! She got both of us matching shirts from Bangkok HAHAHA gotta luv that gurllll. :-) Wearing with her on Saturday for service! TEEHEE. And then we took photos (typical of Kristel Tan.) 

Following that, we (Ryanny Krissy Vicky & I HAHAHA) played this UGLYDOLLZZZ card game! It was sort of like Hali Gali (if you are from church you would know this game dang well HAHA)

So the aim of the game was to go in rounds opening cards one by one. So like if there are three of the same species/kinds of monsters, you have to like grab the cards HAHAHA -if two people grab it at the same time, the first person that goes "UGLY UGLY UGLY" gets the card, and the one with the most number of cards at the end is the winner. We played four rounds and I won 2 wheeeeee HAHAHA. It was super hilarious, lots of screaming, "UGLYUGLUGLYYYYY"s, and snatching involved (Ryan joined in the fun and screamed like a girl) HEHEHE, fun fun fun :-) 

We went up after that, to Ryan's study, where I attempted to play the guitar, my fingers are crazy spasmy and I can't seem to remember how to play the chords ): Lousyyy :-( HAHA, anyway, it was pretty fun trying at the very least. Looked through Ryan's vacation photos HAHAHA JACELYN IS SO CUTE I LUB HER SHE GAVE ME A CARD + A CUPCAKE ERASER FOR CHRISTMAS gotta luv that qtpie omg omg squeezy cheekz. HARHARHAR. Check Jacelyn's WALL of art works omg its so nice I want to do that to my room walls as well 

Its so pretty right! 

Anyway, Krissy and I went down and started playing on the grand piano! (Actually Kristel played on the piano, I cannot play the piano, so I sang HAHA I know how to sing a lot of songs, by heart, for some of them, I might add) We sang + played to songs like Love Story, Perfect, Fix You, (we tried) A thousand miles, etc etc etc :-) Played on the piano for about an hour or so! And then we got the entire CG together and we watched.....

BLACK SWAN. I shudder just thinking about it. I think I spent half the movie closing my eyes/hiding my face/looking away/covering my face with my hair/ whatsapping about how scary it was. HAHAHAH. It was really super creepy, her hallucinations are insane, it was pretty explicit as well. I think I nearly died watching the movie. Some scenes were so horribly explicit (to this my dear friend whatsapped me to video it for her so she can explain it to me some day HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA) 
Minwei came shortly after the movie started i miss yooouuuuuu. 
I am never watching this movie ever again because I barely lived through it without suffering from any form of emotional distress/trauma. HAHA. SHUCKS PLEASE DON'T WATCH IF YOU ARE A SCARDEY LIKE ME + if you have a low self esteem. Watching Natalie Portman dance so dang well + being super duper skinny will really just bring down your self esteem HAHAHA. 

We had dinner as a CG sitting around the feast that was laid before us on Ryan's dining table, he always has such a feast when we go over THANQ RYANNY. So Ben told us about AIDS patients and doctory stuff it was quite cool HAHA the rest were just being quite hilarious, random conversations here and there :-) My parents came soon after, and then I left them :-(

My CG is such amazing company, I LOVE Y'ALLLLLLLLL had a really really good day with you guys :-) 

Tomorrow, I'm going back to school (I removed my rainbow nail polish GOODBYE RAINBOW NAILS HAHA) with Grace to study wheeeeeeee. I'm going to do SS and Chem and idk we'll see. I have SS + History retest Y U COMPULSORY. Nicole says that retests are so we will study over the holidays. WHICH IS WHY I'M NOT STUDYING HAHAHAHAHHA. School @ 9 die alr. I hope I see my teachers since we're going to sit outside the staffroom I HAVE MISSED THEM (some of them la. Not all. HAHAHA) I hope Ms Koh comes out and goes all "HELLO STILL HERE?" HAHAHAHA. 

Ok night