Saturday, March 3, 2012


Okay so today was the first Saturday I spent in a long time without my books! Which was rather enjoyable, today was a relatively good day apart from the fact that I had to wake up at about 7.45AM today so I was really tired. I am still very tired, so I'm gg to catch up with lots of sleep tonight, I am just simply too tired. I don't know why I'm getting tired so easily nowadays. Anyway....

Got up and had hot chocolate heehee. And a bun for breakfast before the parents drove me to school (before they went to the Scouts HQ to change my brother's oversized uniform for him, anyway.) Hobo-ed outside the conference room with SAL, Aaarti, Tessa, Shukit etc etc who slowly came in, whilst waiting for the ICs to finish their IC meeting before we could go in for the full comm one. It was fun, sitting and discussing bandage things like the bands and all haha!

Meeting was good! The ICs all presented their subcomm updates so we know what's gg on, I think its quite exciting that Bandage is next week! Mmmh yeah so we got ~updated and shared our opinions on certain things pertaining to the concert, yup! Good meeting, had a break after the ICs finished their brieifings whilst waiting for the teachers to be done with delegation (?). Followed Tessa down and had 2 minutes with our phones before proceeding upstairs again to take comm photos HAHAHA which was really messy and funny. And Fabian had this really queer pose that she made us all do. Peace sign + small asian eyes + overenthusiastic grin LOL. It was cute, I hope the photos turn out well :3
The teachers briefed us about the pre-concert stuff and the delegation of our duties after, and the meeting ended early! Which was good because it ended right as my parents came to pick me up to go for tuition, so praise the Lord! :-)

Chinese tuition nearly put me to sleep because Chinese is boring and I was already really sleepy as it was so hahahaa. It was quite a long 2h, I wonder how sometimes time seems to fly by whilst sometimes it seems to drag on for forever, like it did this afternoon during chinese, hahaha....

Went for Lunch at Fairprice Finest at BTP, JAP! :-) On of my few proper meals this week, hahaha. Bought some groceries? Yuuup, and then we left for church YAY. (my favourite bit of the week, tbh) Hobo-ed outside the worship hall for a bit before the youth band came up to do soundcheck, after losing my brother when I went to the toilet heehee.

Mhmmmm, went in! AND HAHA Jess cut bangs!!!!!!!!! was just whatsapping her about our plans to cut bangs the other day, hehe. (because she was bored but its not the point HAHA) Concluded after dinner that she looks like Dora the explorer HAHAHA v cute la. Yup anyway took a picture w her and its my new FB profile HAHAHA. Talked to Kathleen & Joshua a bit before service started about school and A level results and stuff!
Service was good on a whole, LET GO & LET GOD, I think that's the point that the pastor was trying to bring across. I mean, just stick to your convictions and know what you're supposed to do to glorify God, just trust that He will bring you through and everything will be fine ya? YES! Haha. Anyway, it was alright :-) Typed sermon notes on Kathleen's phone because she took my notebook and started doodling and drawing + writing stuff down from the sermon everywhere among her doodles HAHA.
So after service, hung around a bit and somehow Kristel & Bella convinced me to go for dinner, which I did! Hahahaha had Jon decide + order dinner for me because I didn't know what to eat :P Jess took my phone and began taking lots of pictures (if you see my instagram you would know. HAHA) had a good dinner on a whole, nice time with the churchies (:

AND SO HERE I AM yay I am enjoying my non-studying Saturday! Next Saturday will be Bandage, and I will probably have 2 more free Saturdays before I have to start studying for my mid years which is super scary actly because Mid Years start end of April/beginning of May, we REALLY don't have a lot of time. Anyway, I was thinking to myself on the way to church today how I only have like 8 months in MG left and it kind of scared me la, like I actually feel more attachment to MG than SAPS, admittedly, and i don't think I can take leaving another school because I'm so used to it and JC will be so so so different. So I'm just gg to make the best out of the time I have in MG because really, I'm this close to graduating even though I really don't want to, sigh. I love MG ): But aiya just trust in God! LEARN TO TRUST IN GOD EDLYN.

Okay I might go sleep soon HAHA