Saturday, March 17, 2012

goodbye, my love

This is really eerie, tbh. Haha. 

She spoke words of wisdom

Seriously guys, when is this coming out. I've been waiting for it to come out in the cinemas for over a year ):

Today is just one of those "I feel like blogging in photos day". Today is also the last weekday of the school holidays, well, yesterday was, because rn it's past midnight. And me not wanting to go back to school is an UNDERSTATEMENT, because even though I'm sure it can't be worse than all the shiz i had to deal w in Term 1, because most of it is settled now, I don't want to go back. (as much as I love my school) The March holidays were really good, and I have remained completely oblivious to the fact that my mid years are in less than 1.5months (SERIOUSLY, when are we EVER going to get a break)

The answer to that questions is that no, we are never going to get a break this year, at least until we're done with the race that is O levels. 
I want to enjoy my last year in MG. 

Really need the joy of the Lord to fill me to the brim in term 2. For I know He is here. 

Also, I just washed Carol bear about 5 days ago and she is getting dirty again. Slightly. But still ):
Okay goodnight. I have chinese tuition tomorrow *faints*