Friday, March 23, 2012



I AM ABSOLUTELY BURSTING WITH EXCITEMENT FOR TOMORROW OMG. Let the drama that is Sec 4 Olympics unfold tomorrow OMG HAHAHA. I think 4I's more bent on having fun than winning, which is good la (: HAHAHA but I'm really excited to see what happens...... Was just telling Mrs Lau about Sec 4 Olympics drama, gg to have like so many more stories to tell her tomorrow hahahaha.
AND I'M SO EXCITED FOR MY LTC KIDDIES I'm so proud of them, and I'm sure they're gg to do such a fantastic job, they make me so proud and happy daww (': <3 Hahaha! Gg to get to school by 6.50 just to watch them set up and get themselves ready for a li'l bit before heading for Olympics (CDMs have to meet at 7.15 mooo) BUT YES ONLY FOR MY KIDDIES <3

Anyway, let me blog about today!
Got to school, spent my morning with Grace + revising for Bio SPA, and then lessons started!
Finished our compre-summary during English, yay! I didn't manage to write my last three summary points, but she gave us another 10 minutes during lunch, which I took to finish my summary. Anyway, yes, that was about it for English.
Lit! When Mrs Choo got here, 4R wasn't here yet and so I started telling her about my Olympics & english woes HAHA :P hope no one heard what I told her because.... Ok nvm HAHA. Asked her what our mascot should be, and she goes all: "KIMCHI" HAHAHA Kristin and I died laughing.
Anyway, lit was quite alright! Did chapter 14 and Mrs Choo told us about sociology, yuuup!
SS GLOBALIZATION! Greece is so poor thing, we're still tryna do the proposal, Kris & I. heehee. because only she can think of like solutions because I'm not v good w that, did the ressearch!
Math, we did integration aka the opposite of differentiation which was rly .......... HAHA quite funny la its like differentiating backwards ok anyway.
Recess! Ate, got stuff from Mrs Choo aww she's so nice!
BIO SPA was alright tbh HAHAHA -undisclosed- hope I didn't like screw up or anything.........
Lunch lunch lunch spent it finishing my summary!
Went through E Math paper during E Math (: It was alright too, my fridays are generally alright because its made up of all the short periods, so its bearable :-) And today's lessons are quite nice/alright so yay! Fridays have the best timetables.
GEL! Personal testimonial stuff and then got briefed for ROCs4 #psyched, even though I'm so sad its our last ROCs, did 4 years fly by just like that? </3 hmmm.

Gg to sleep soon so I don't die of tiredness tomorrow!