Wednesday, March 7, 2012

once-wonderful wednesdays

"Memories are what warm you up from the inside. But they’re also what tear you apart."
Haruki Murakami, Kafka On The Shore

The worst day of the week is over! And apart from lessons, today was actually rather fun hahaha! Well, of course, haha, long lessons that seem to go on for forever are what makes the day dreary.

Had LEAPS briefing for assembly in the morning, it seemed less long and draggy this year, for some reason. Anyway, this is probably the last year we have to sit through this, which is extremely great yet sad at the same time (keeping in mind that 2012 is the year of many lasts in MG. Which upsets me, I'm going to miss it here so so so bad.) Yuppp, so that was in the Chapel, after which we headed back to class!

Progress reports. My results were rather polarized, one glance and you can tell which subjects I'm stronger at and which ones I really suck at (namely, CHINESE HAHA but I'm quite happy la whatever as long as I don't fail). After scrutinizing that, we left for History!
I finally remembered my textbook today, yay! But she didn't use it. At least I remembered! :-) Learnt about Nationalism during History, it was alright! :-) Sort of a love-hate relationship with history, but I definitely prefer 20th Century. We had a pep talk by Mrs Ng today about failures and setbacks that we may face in life "SUCK. IT. IN" HAHAHA, served as a rather good reminder for me, :-) Mrs Ng is very good at giving such pep talks, HAHA! She expects all A1s from our full history class, let's hope we do her proud! :S

Chinese falalala wrote some compo. Laoshi's constantly using emotional blackmail on me. I know my Chinese isn't good, don't have to reiterate the point that I need a ton of practice every lesson ha ha ha. I know he means well, but. Haha. Anyway. Compo. BZBD. Laoshi sort of spoonfeeds us by giving us the outline of the compo before we attempt it. Heh.

Recess, talked quite a bit to Reenah Nic Jiayi Huilin Megs. And after I went back to class, went to talk to Charchar and Loui hehe. Getting advice from the significantly mature-er people I know ^__^
English, did my oral practice and some compre practice as well, I'm such a good girl. HAHA. I use her stupid 'toilet visa' every lesson because I usually save my pee-breaks for English. I always need a good walk across the bamboo during English to alleviate my boredom :P Left class 5 minutes early for SPA!

Last minute cramming outside the lab, the rest is history. Magsim nagged at us before we went in for SPA, and after we finished our SPA because she couldn't release us back to class until it was time -_____- hahahaha. Anyway. Mrs Lau co-SPAed our class today, haha! Yuuup, /undisclosed/ all the best to the classes who have yet to have their Chem SPA! :-) I hate when we different SPA dates because I constantly have to be wary not to reveal anything to those who have yet to do their SPA accidentally. Hee.
Lunch break was spent talking to Loui in the canteen :-)

SS! Ms Koh covered more on terrorism with us. She also assigned us our SS SIA hahaha! So cute okay anyway I'm pairing with Kristin to do the SIA :-) Yuuup!
AND THEN SCHOOL FINALLY ENDED HEEHEE it was quite fun after school. Hung around with the guides before guides started outside my classroom. They were busy watching videos, Nic was reading the Hunger Games and I was surfing tumblr/playing Draw Something HAHA/whatsapping :-)

After they left for Guides, I began walking around the school aimlessly sigh. The initial plan was to wait for Saj's text on what time school ended for her so I could go back to visit SAPS with her, but she never replied my texts -_____- seriously la you were the one that pushed for the outing, why didn't you reply me? Ugh. Quite pissed tbh.
Anyway, walked around the school, wanted to go help out the Bandage people, but whilst I was JUST about to open the door to enter the Mac Lab, Mrs Choo approaches me and goes "Edlyn can you be a darling and open up LT2 for me, I give you present *hands me her pass*" YUUUUP HOW COULD I SAY NO TO A PRESENT HAHA so I walk up to LT2 and open it for the debators. It was quite awkward la haha since I just started talking to random people. Anyway. Opened up LT2 and walked back down to Spare Room 2.1 (HISTORY CLASSROOM!) to return Mrs Choo her pass. Told her that the trainer wasn't there, so she had to go to LT2 to check in or something, and she got me to accompany her in her walk upstairs HAHA. So I did. Talked quite a bit whilst strolling up haha!
"I give you present later" HAHAHA.

Proceeded back down to the Mac lab to help with packing, Fabs said she didn't need help with packing the t-shirts, so I helped cut out voting slips instead! haha! It was quite fun, cutting paper. YEAH HAHAHA OKAY, didn't stay long, helped them finish the cutting up the pile of voting slips they printed. Chaang said they didn't need help, so I left! :-) Went to sit outside my classroom because the guides were using it.

AND THEN LIZ APPEARS HAHA out of nowhere, seriously! So for the next 45 minutes we walk around school!
Planted ourselves at the corridor on the 2nd level overlooking the canteen doing "push ups" with the handrails and talking in general. Haha! Said hi to Reenah, met people like Yeseul and Shukit who stopped to say hi to Liz as well! Awkwardly poked our heads into 2.2 because Nic was in there conducting her guides module. Heh.
Talked a bit to Mrs Lau, haha! She was telling me something about the Sec 1s hahaha!
And then Liz, Nic, Chucky, Emae and I ran into Mr Lim! HAHAHA he was so sweet omgoodness. :') Mr Lim walks out and sees Liz in a bright green sweater + FBTs and goes "EH WHY ARE YOU LIKE THAT? Huh!!! You left school last year never tell me!?!" HAHAHA! Talked to him about physics-related things, I think he was generally really happy to see us which is super sweet (': and how he still remembers us! Haha! Told him that we still have his notes that we painstakingly kept since Sec 2 and he goes "Serious ah! I'm flying!" HAHA! And he recounted how it was truly FATE that he got to teach our class since he never teaches Sec 2 mainstream, and we were his very first class.
Tbh it was so so so sweet haha!

Thinking back, Sec 2 was truly an amazing year. Met some of my closest friends, and met two of the best best best best teachers one could EVER have. (hahaha) If it weren't for the people I met in Sec 2, I will not be the person I am today. THANK YOU GOD FOR PUTTING SUCH LOVELY PEOPLE IN MY LIFE.

Liz had to leave, waited for the guides to end! Filled Nic & Chucky in about Joseph Kony and the entire online drama that this has instigated (don't get me wrong, its good to raise awareness that such a thing is happening). Talked to Emae about Bandage stuff while walking down the hill heehee.

Gg to be in school tomorrow and Friday till late, yay they are getting dinner for us! Pray that the auditions will go well! :-)