Tuesday, March 6, 2012

1. attempting to learn the guitar after school / 2. my vitamin Cs in the shape of elephants heehee. 

Hello I have Chem SPA tomorrow, I hope I don't flunk it because I spent the whole of 45 minutes reading through my SPA notes and the rest tweeting/doing up the Bandage video/playing Draw Something HA HA/watching TV.
Mmmmh. Shouldn't be complacent just because Chem is my best & favourite science. Let's just hope its what the other classes have said it to be (the classes that have done Chem SPA said it was rly manageable and there wasn't much to worry about so fingers crossed!)

Anyway, the highlights of today: (there aren't many, tbh HAHA. Normal-ish school day)
#1: Meeting with the Carnelians it was sooooo funny, they're such hilarious people. I hope they get their work done though. Hmmm, shan't blog this bit. Anyway, Vess was DRUNK. Like I don't even know what she was drunk on, she just appeared very VERY drunk. HAHA. She was laughing and laughing and throwing her arms around. Also, she had that really drunk expression on her face and clung onto me like a koala, she's so adorable. HAHAHA it was quite fun, she entertained me quite a bit. (as always HAHA)
Today wasn't a really big meeting though, only Celene Vess Danelia Erica & Faith came, but yuuuup had loads of fun. :-)
I think they're meeting again tomorrow morning, yay!

#2: Was probably playing the guitar in class and trying to perfect my chords. Sat by the door of the classroom, with half my body in class and the other half out of class hehe because I was whatsapping Jess + googling for chords (as you can see from the above instagram HAHA). Mmmmh. Perks of having a ground level classroom tbh, loving how they put the Sec 4s on level one. Its like some form of reward for our last year in MG. 

#3: I ran out of highlights. Maybe the Chinese Field Trip. Ish. HAHA. We just walked around school la admiring feng jing and eventually sitting at the bbcy to draw out the scenery we just 'admired'. HAHAHA. Laoshi's hilarious. I was gg to fall asleep anyway, so that prevented me from dozing off in class. 

#4: OH i read the hunger games throughout english because she was off running some form of errands, and thus was not present in class for the entire 40 minutes. Absolute bliss. Almost to the bit where the games start, can't wait! Its so exciting!

You were really mean. Really really REALLY mean, and you shouldn't have said that. It just shows that you're bitter and competitive, tbh. THINK before you say anything, because they're gg to give you hell now. 

There are two cuts in my inner lip it is so a n n o y i n g because it hurts whenever i rub my teeth against my inner lip (IT IS QUITE HARD TO AVOID DOING THAT) GRRRR. Heal already please ): Okay, I think I'm gg to prepare to go to bed soon. 
To whoever is reading this, please take 30 minutes of your time to watch THIS, I promise you, it's entirely worth your time. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WATCH AND SHARE. Can't believe it, tbh.