Monday, March 5, 2012

1. I think this photo, and more so the story behind it, is simply beautiful / 2. We need these heehee. 3. Wonderful one I found on Tumblr, that I instagrammed / 4. My latest love. Finally have some time to read.

Mondayyy, and I am sick. I sound really nasal now, which sucks. (Jess asked if I sound like a duck. Which I do, at some points when I'm talking, meh)

Was a little nervous whilst leading worship for Chapel, but I think it went fine on a whole, PRAISE THE LORD :-) I hope the Sec 4s had a good time praising God this morning, tbh, whee! Yup, that was Chapel. Thank goodness God held up my runny nose because I couldn't stop sniffing this morning, that is, until chapel started. MY GOD IS AMAZING (: Stayed back after chapel for some CDM meeting, and then took our Bandage comm picture! ("We'll see ~*YOU*~ there")

Was gg to fall asleep during Chinese, idk why, Chinese has this woozy effect on me. Joy. Did some boring stuff w the kewen, reaaallyyy bored out of my mind. Okay, at least today's lesson was really short + I came in like 20 minutes late. Didn't feel well, as well.

So I decided to skip PE! Mr Ling was so nice about it tbh, he's such a nice person. Hahahaa. I just told him I didn't feel well and he was like "Oh, okay, go sit down and rest" HAHA, k, it was such good weather, the sky exploded and it was so nice and cool, so I just sat down and read the Hunger Games whilst listening to 987 (the Sec 1s were having their Gym PE and 987 was blasting out of da radiooo) Nice way to spend an hour and twenty minutes ^____^ (apart from the fact that 4H beat us flat for multi-sports, but its okay!)

Recess with the usual recess gang, I was unnaturally hungry during recess, oh well! Managed to go back on time and headed to the lab for Physics SPA! SPA was annoying because my plotted points were all rly off after I changed my scale (prior to changing my scale, it was near-perfect) but oh well, I hope things go well for the actual physics SPA! (it was the only SPA last year that I felt confident with after I did it) Hahah Mr Heng's rly nice.

Kk, back to class for Math (Lunch) Math. Math periods today were really bearable, time seemed to fly by, and the weather was so good, so it was really cooling/cold during Math today, and I think that contributed quite a bit to my awake-ness and the tolerability (HAHA) of the Math lessons. Learnt more differentiation, and, "pobbablility" (O HOW I MISS SEC 2 ROFL) .

Chinese lesson @ PW room. I LOVE THE PW ROOM IT IS THE ONLY REASON I DRAG MYSELF UP THE STAIRS EVERY MONDAY TO GO FOR CHINESE I LOVE THE PW ROOM how I miss PW )'; I miss PW s o o o o o o o much )': HAHAHA. Anyway, he went through some compre and he had to leave early, so we were released about 10 minutes early WHICH IS GOOD.
Spent the rest of the afternoon doing my Math homework + reading the Hunger Games. HUNGER GAMES! It is an enjoyable book, I'm glad I'm reading it! :-) It really makes you think about your life tbh, like how fortunate you are as compared to Katniss's district. Yuuup. BE GRATEFUL YALL.

I don't think I'll continue with ANTM, well, we'll see. I really don't like the models this cycle, they're so terrible. Maybe I'll watch after like half of them get eliminated. (the one that looks like a dude scares me) and I hope I see more UK girls, they're much more decent. "Tea and scones!" (HAHAHA when she said this when they were on the float parading down some super crowded street, I couldn't stop laughing HAHAHA) So I might roam around the internet for a short while more, before I go read more of the Hunger games or something :-)