Wednesday, March 14, 2012

and miles to go before I sleep

Hello, so today!

Rolled out of bed at 9AM, even though the weather was astoundingly perfect, hmm ): removed my nail polish, to my utter dismay HAHA, and got ready for school! Had milo for breakfast (as usual heh), and left the house! It was raining, unfortunately, because I had to walk up Blackmore Hill. (The walk wasn't that bad, it was a nice start, walked up with Berenice because we just happened to run into each other otw to school hahah!)

Mmmh, got to school earlier to look for Mrs Lau, so wandered around school after looking for her! Talked to Reenah outside 4O for a bit, ran into Cristina who came back to school to get her books HAHA. (Left my umbrella in my classroom though, grr!)
Went up to look for my kiddies after that, talked a bit outside the meeting room before Ms Su and Ms Ng came! Hahaha, as I was walking into the meeting room, Ms Su, who was holding the door open for us, went "You very free ah?"


Anyway, had a short briefing in the meeting room by Ms Ng before going down to the concourse to tackle the exhausting task of taking stock. Or as we like to call it, "BAN JIA" HAHAHA. (like, moving house in chinese la! HAHA) It was really funny, Reenah and her classmates walked by on their way out of school, and Reenah asked me what we were doing, and I was like "Ban jia!". Ms Su asked them "Yao bu yao bang mang?" they didn't want to, and Ms Su goes, in a chinese accent "Mei yong de jia huo!" HAHA.
Yes anyway, I wonder how the teachers discovered that there were so many plastic spoons and forks and cups plates, plastic containers, paper plates, etc etc, in the store behind the audi! WOW. HAHAHA. It was seriously quite a lot, and there was even a box of Hello Kitty toys, I wanted to steal one so badly :P (But I didn't la, of course HAHA)

For the next three hours, we starved and took stock whilst the teachers went to Serangoon (AHAHAHA, I don't know, some factory place to get these kind of utensils? :P) to get whatever log we were lacking! Mmm, so after counting how many of each utensil there was, we had to split them up by what each class needed. Grace came somewhere along the way to help out as well. HAHA, I really love my LTC group, they're WONDERFUL. (': In terms of how they're handling their project and that they're really nice people to be around! Really proud of them!!!

Oh, naughty Vess drew this.

Left with grace at about 2? Walked out of school together, and I took 77 down to Orchard! By this time, I was pretty much starving HAHA, ): Went to change out of my school u, and bought bread at Provence (LOVELYYYY. Hahaha, bought this mini pizza thing that tasted like heaven, I'm hungry just thinking about it heh) 
After my lunch (ish), walked down to MUJI to get my refills! Managed to get a refill for my highlighter, and a new marker, but I couldn't find a refill for my blue pen, ): Got Charchar's birthday present too, after about 20 minutes of scouting around for something I think she'd like. Heh. 

My 3G decided to fail on me for half an hour, and I decided not to watch Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, because I would be getting home really late if I did. ): The holidays are going to end soon, I want to watch it again omggg. 

And then I began to walk walk walk walk, walked down to SCAPE from ION to get Gongcha, hehe, and then walked back to the bus stop behind ION to go home :-) Yay! HAHAHA actually met Danelia on the bus home, which was quite cool! They just finished with their meeting in their school. Talking to Dan is hilarious because she has quite the auntie mentality :P HAHAHA. 

Got home, replied toothachingly sweet love note, HAHA (': Read the Hunger Games for the rest of the night, until I decided to come on and blog that is. After this I'll probably go back to reading the Hunger Games, but I don't think I could bear to read (HAHA, it sounds weird right, to read of someone dying) anyone else die, ): I think the main difference between the death in the Games in Catching Fire and the ones in the first book of the trilogy is that the tributes who die in Catching Fire (the ones that survived the bloodbath in the Cornucopia, that is), die readily. Like they sacrifice themselves so Peeta and Katniss can live. I just read how Mags died, and I'm like omg please no )'''': (she walked straight into the toxic fog because they couldn't carry her out and survive, and died, spasming) 

The phrase is SACRIFICIAL PROTECTION!!!! HAHAHAHA. (aiya the ones who know what I'm talking about know what I'm talking about :P) 
The Hunger games is a good trilogy, really. Its really good. 

Anyway, the holidays are slipping away from me, NOOOOO ): Tomorrow, I have a lunch date (FATTY WENG!) with Lisa and Tessa, and after that I'm probably gg over to Lisa's to do work :P HAHA! I'm gg to declare tomorrow Math & Lit day, I need to finish all of that by tomorrow. Figure out my Sec 3 Math (and A Math for that matter). And probably gg to tackle SEA History and more importantly, Perestroika & Glasnost etc on Friday. 
As Mrs Lau would say, "NERD IT OUT!" HAHAHA. 

Hamster prince whatsapps me at 10PM asking if I was gg to sleep heh :P