Monday, March 26, 2012

Our God is Greater


This week is DISCOVER JESUS WEEK, one of the reasons why I love being in a mission school :-) They have dedicated the first hour or so of school from this Monday to Wednesday for us to sit through the equivalent of a church service, worship, message and all, and I think its a really good start to the day, and its partially why I'm more excited to go to school for the next two days, today included. Last year's wasn't very relevant to the theme of like, discovering God, although it was good and one could see that a lot of effort was put into it, but I'm already beginning to like this year's :-) Mrs Lau and I agreed just now that today's DJW service was really good, the songs for worship really declared God's love for us and the message was meaningful and personal, which was really nice! :-)

Today's message was more of a brief intro to what to expect in the next two days, I liked the speaker, he's entertaining and he drives his point home, and today's main point is that God loves each and every one of us very very very much. It was really nice reminder because sometimes we go along in life and forget that God's love and His grace is really all that we need, and that everyday is His. Yup! This ties in with the Easter season, and I think its really meaningful, really enjoyed chapel period this morning (: Super super super looking forward to tomorrow and Wednesday's messages and God's word whoooooo! Finally something worth waking up for! :P

Oh yeah, and the entire time I was just reminded of one of the memory verses we were encouraged to keep close to our hearts in Loudgen, (Yay I remember it, ever since Joanne got me to memorise it for her that Saturday hahah!)
1 John 4:10 says that "This is love - not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent his son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins" And I was just thinking, if God loves us so so so much, we should love Him too, not just because for all that He has provided us with, but for who He is and how He's always there la, so hmmmmm just a thought.

The only downside of our first DJW session this morning: I REALLY NEEDED TO PEE HAHAHAHA I swear there is something wrong with my bladder oh my goodness.

Chinese! Did some summary thing HAHA skimmed through it, I need to try harder for Chinese, yes, I get it I get it! But I am trying :P Let's see how my Higher Chinese turns out, heh.

PE! HAHAHA ran 4 rounds as a class after Mr Ling gave us some pep talk about how a slow jog will alleviate our muscle pains because our lactic acid would be released in the process OR SOMETHING, haha! But I found it quite effective, running as a class, because like I ran further up in front, and I wouldn't want to stop because the rest of the class is going, and I wouldn't want to slow down either! Heh. Yup, even though I didn't want to run. I even played bench ball :P HAHAHA, first round was just random-ish grouping, but my team won! (: YAY! Which was quite cool la HAHAHA. Second round was Benchies VS Rest of 4I, and benchies trashed 9-3 despite being outnumbered :P I love them la HAHAHA they're an amazing team tbh.
HAHAHA but yes quite a miracle that I moved so much........ HAHAHA

Recess w the usual recess babes, talked quite a bit this session, somehow it seemed like we had more time today during recess. (: Went back to class, changed! I hate changing after PE if I'm still sticky, which I kind of was today. ): HAHA.

Physics! Electricity is such a huuuuuuge chapter, oh my gosh! But yeah, we learnt quite a bit of this in Sec 2, kudos to Mr Lim, he really helped us build a solid foundation. Mr Heng went around showing us how circuit breakers worked with our very own circuit breakers in class which was really cool tbh HAHAHA how the lights all switched off and everything HAHA. Mr Heng's good (: Thankful for good Physics teachers the past 3 years!

E Math was gg through the E Math 2010 mid year's Paper 1, and then doing probability! Math lessons are always bearable because we are always working out sums so yup (: Time passes pretty quickly!

Lunch w Loueyyy (: Hahaha, talked and I whined about my full body aches oh my goodness they are really quite bad ok :P I think she was really entertained because I kept talking to myself whilst braiding my hair, sigh such a bimbo :P I like to talk to Louey about Christianity :-) haha!

A Math whoowhoo integration aka opposite of differentiation! Finished my homework within the lesson WHOA FIRST TIME HAHAHA I was super happy with myself. Heh. And right after Mrs Tee left, Laoshi came into class and announced that there was no ke today. The Sec 3s weren't free for ke i think? BUT YAY ANY REASON WILL BE SUFFICE. NO CHINESE TODAY (:

Slacked around in school for a bit before coming home to do E Math. LOTS of E Math. ARGH OK I REALLY LACK LOGIC HAHAHA this is not fun. But I think I'm prepared for the mock tomorrow :S SO INTENSE. Okay, anyway, did some physics too!
I shall go do more E Math! (:

Can't wait for DJW tomorrowwwww! And ROCs4 on Wednesday! And I'm not sure if I'm gg to watch THG on Wednesday w Stace & Nicole... Hmmm. Swim Meets on Friday! And gg to Jess's house aft school next Thursday to watch PS I Love You whoohoo our ~*date*~ HAHAHA. Don't think I'll have time to blog because I really want to catch up on Sec 3 work this week too. AIYA WOES OF Os BEING A TWO YEAR SYLLABUS THING

Ok goodnight!