Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I laughed for like 5 minutes at this HAHAHAHAHHA it is so painfully awkward 

This reminds me of the arena

HAHA okay anyway, what I did today:

1. Extraction of metals whoooooo and thus wrapping up my Chem-related to-dos this holidays *twirl twirl twirl* okay happy
2. After being happy for finishing Chem, I go ahead and read Catching Fire. Caaatching Fiiiiire. I like the first book better. This one just has a lot of fear in it.
Have I mentioned that the Hunger Games remind me of the Chrysalids! YUP IT DOES, QUITE A LOT! :-) Okay anyway moving on.
3. Lalalala text text textingggg HAHA which was quite hilarious. <3
4. Watched a bit of TV, and then decided I should do English.
5. SOOOO I finished my summary! My summary on the cats! Yay! I resolved to finish my english homework this time round, and I did! *twirls some more*
6. Texting texting texted
7. Attempted to do some Chinese, completed like 1/3 of my worksheet (don't judge. It was 27 pages long, I lasted till page 10) It was all MCQ compres but one thing you must know about me is that I read chinese reaaaaally slowly because I can't read any faster, not that I don't want to.
Also tried reading the passages out loud because reading them out loud works for me for Chinese. All I have to say is that I'm glad I finished my chinese oral already LOLOL (my ping yings were all off)
8. Read more Hunger Games! (:
9. Had a stomach ache because I didn't eat proper food since 11 (It was about 7?) waited for dinner ): whilst reading the hunger games!
10. More hunger games, watched TV.

AAAAAND I am here now okay.
I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE HUNGER GAMES. BAWL. HAHAHA. Someone please watch it with me. Gg back to school because the kids have meeting tomorrow. I love my LTC kids la, I'm so so so blessed to have SF-ed them because they're the only group who really involves their SFs (Chaang & I) :P SO MUCH POTENTIAL awww luv the lot of them. It's so nice watching them work on their project. And they are such qtpies who make me laugh :')
After which I resolve to go down to Orchard to buy refills/markers from Muji and hunt for a birthday present for Charchar and yuuuuup. HAHA. I'm gg down to Orchard this week one way or another!!!!