Monday, March 12, 2012

The first day of the school holidays!
(My internet is being lousy)

Mmmmh so today was quite a good day, tbh. Heh. Woke up at 9+, but proceeded to roll around in bed until about 10.45, just because I can, hehe (; When I finally got up, went to brush my teeth + wash my face. Moped around after realising how much homework I had to finish this holiday, and I finally began on English after watching Night at the Museum 2 whilst having lunch :3

An entire compre about cats! Felt really bored after that, didn't want to do the summary. Hmmm. Anyway, Mrs Lau tweeted me to do chem anyway, so I did HAHAHA. Felt really motivated after she sent me her notes, and so I finished Electrolysis + the supplementary assignment! THANKS MRS LAU <3 (': Decided to take a break from Chem after that, and did a bit of my physics tutorial...........

That didn't work out well HAHAHA, did like a few questions and then continued reading Catching Fire :3 The Hunger games is such an amazing trilogy, even though its quite scary. Hahaha. Its super suspenseful (I now associate suspense with literary devices, like how I associate thermal flasks to thermal physics, and blood to bio, and ABS to Chem, which is really quite sad la HAHA) and I find myself not wanting to read at certain points of the book because I don't wait Peeta/Katniss to die even though I know they're not going to die. Errrr. Anyway, can't wait to watch the movie, even though the lead reminds me a lot of Miley Cyrus! She looks a little like Miley Cyrus, and she sounds like her.

Also, Carol bear got a wash today! Yay so now she's all squeaky clean wheee (until she gets dirty again, anyway. Yay my favourite bundle of red & white (not pink. Yet, anyway HAHA) fluff :-) Okay anyway HAHA.

I'm glad things worked out in the end <3

Its only the first day of the holidays, and I can already feel them slipping away from me, oh my goodness ): Anyway, I must really get my game on tomorrow and finish as much as I possibly can, so.
1. Extraction of Metals
2. Physics tutorials
3. English GCSE Os 2006 summary (The cat summary, I just thought the former would look better, more formal, HAHA)
4. FIGURE OUT TRIGO AGAIN OMG HAHAHA I completely forgot how to do Trigo. I'll need trigo before I can attempt the Mid Year papers Mrs Tee set for us......
Then again, I'll need my binomials, equation of circle, modulus, etc etc again, sigh. I need to run and get myself a new A Math TYS.
5. SOOOO I probably have to go to BTP/Lot 1 tomorrow to get it. :(
6. I have this intense stack of Chinese compres waiting to be done, dreading it.....

I think I'll do everything before my Math homework tomorrow and gauge what time I'm gg down to Lot 1 to get my assessment book, heh.
Okay gg to revamp my blog goodbye!