Saturday, March 17, 2012

all the highs, all the lows

Today is Saturday, and it is also the second last day of bliss (you get what I mean, school starts in less than 48 hours and I'm not exactly excited to trudge back into school on Monday morning, but besides that)

My skinny cousin who eats like A LOT came over to stay for the week, and so we had a good American breakfast this morning, yay yum. Amaaaazing breakfast, I must say.

Had Chinese tuition after that, which was. Alright. At least I wasn't on the verge of sleeping this week, must be the fact that I've been sleeping a good 9+ hours the entire week, oh how I love the holidays! Okay anyway, after Chinese tuition, had lunch? Haha, I couldn't eat the entire thing because we had a such a filling breakfast, hence I shoved half my portion to my brother. 
Anyway, we went to a book fair after that and after staring at racks and racks of books (It was so nice, being surrounded by books!) I finally found One Day! It was priced at $8, yay a steal! Haha, saw books like The Lovely Bones, Handle With Care, House Rules & the Hunger Games, all of which I already own :-( Hence, i didn't need to buy them HAHA. Okay anyway, yay check out One Day. 

(the dress I was wearing today served as a nice background heh) 

Walked around J8 after, and saw a pretty top that I liked but even XS was too big for me, MEHHH. Okay so that was disappointing. Went to Scouts HQ with my brother as well, who had to change his pants because they were like 4 sizes too big!?!?! Crazy boi. Anyway, he was giving me a tour like such: "These are badges." "That is the uniform" "We tie knots" HAHAHA. OK. 

Bought groceries (not fun) went for dinner w grandfather. Goooood fooood, even though I didn't have rice and stuff because I wasn't hungry. I don't usually eat 3 full meals a day. Usually I have breakfast + lunch together, and then dinner. But anyway,
Came home to four new packs of Polaroid film that I ordered online, which is tons cheaper even with shipping than buying it here in Singapore! YAY. I need the film for next Saturday, when we have our Olympics + PTM + ROCs3FUNDRAISER (!!!!!!) all running simultaneously on that day. I'm so excited for my bbs tbh, I'm really really really proud of them, and I hope a lot of them make it as SLs (': 

Aladdin tonight as well, even though I could only catch the second half! HAHA! A Whole New World! Could totally imagine Jess singing along to it because she always sings it..... hahaha. Anyway it was nice (: Soooo sweeeeet. Haha. I hate bad guys in Disney movies because they always make me think that the prince/princes is gg to die. Which they don't la because all Disney movies have happy endings, but anyway. Haha. 

Anyway, I should get ready for bed soon, because I need to wake up at 9 tomorrow, attending second service! Combined service heehee! 
But no, I will read Mockingjay, then go to sleep!

In other news, check how pretty Taylor Swift is (':

Also, someone please remind me that my Physics SPA is on MONDAY. *heart attack*
I hope it goes as smoothly as last year's. Haha, last year's went really well (: Let's hope this year will be the same. I like Physics now. I've always liked it. Its quite sad that if things go as planned, etc etc, this will be my last year taking physics. It will also be the last year I'm taking History.
They are revealing who A is on Monday. Let's hope its not Mona. I'm pretty convinced (by Tessa and other external sources that she has directed me to) that Ezra is A. Let's see how Aria copes with this (I like her la, still. But it'd be v drama)

Okay anyway, Mockingjay