Sunday, March 4, 2012

week 9

1. Bandage 4 in a week, have y'all gotten your tickets yet?! YOU SHOULD SOON :-) 
#rhythmoflove #beatofrecovery
2. I preserved flower petals this week whilst studying for my Physics commons 
3. Super cute sticker gifted by Aang.
4. Verse for the week, last week. 

I am watching ANTM cycle 18, the pilot episode, and my nose feels funny. Should heed Jess's advice and head to bed soon. I don't exactly like how this cycle is turning out because the US girls are all so trashy and horny. Seriously. You could've chosen better people, Tyra? Bitchy's still ok, but seriously, they're so gross, sexually imooral, so trashy and so horny. YUCK. And they're not very pretty.
I hope a UK girl wins. At least they are decent. And they are not as crude as the US girls.
Really speaks of how each country upbrings their youth, doesn't it? 

Goodnight, have a great week ahead.