Sunday, March 25, 2012

we are golden

Hello :-)

Yesterday was truly a day that was wonderfully spent, I just had so much fun in school and it was a good day on the whole (':

Got to school at about 6.45 and rushed the Olympics poster like crazy, after gg to class and changing into my class tee (that was left by Cristina in class wheee thanks dear!) and I was so so so psyched for the Olympics aaahh! After I was done, most of the Carnelians got here, and I just tried to help them prep before I left to assemble at 7.15 (:

Got to the sports com at 7.15 after dropping off my bag in class, hung around a little w the other CDMs and Game officials whilst waiting for everyone to come. Idk why they got the CDMs to come early though, because they only briefed the Game officials..... But anyway, after everyone came we had the opening ceremony and everything it was rly cute la (: HAHAHA. Megan also brought eyeliner, and she drew battle marks on our faces with her black eyeliner HAHAH. Went around the entire day with 4I in black eyeliner on my face (:

Opening ceremony was super cute because when the host country was gg to light the olympic torch to declare the games open, they just ran up to the second floor of the sports com, outside the PE teachers' office and lit up this candle placed on the cupboard HAHAHA damn cute (you would kind of know the lay out if you're from MG hehe anyway). Okay anyway, the games began after that!

Our first game was with 4S, and we lost that one ): They were good tbh, and it was a good game. But I guess after that we really got ourselves together and Sam was like our coach and telling us the strategies we should take up and everything HAHA. Between our first game and our second game, went around taking polaroids and talked to Reenah and watched 4O's game w 4T and all hehe.

Kris made her grand appearance after the second game! Because she had some physical fitness test for her national team thing before that heehe. WHOOOO our best defender alongside Sam, the two of them are plain amazing la <3 Sat out the second game w 4M because we had more people, screamed my head off, I was their cheerleader for this game HAHAHA, we won this one! (: we were soooo happy because we really wanted to qualify for the semis quite bad. Hehe. GOOD GAME 4M! Nicc was damn cute la she was their mascot, the avatar HAHAHA. 

Ran and checked on the ROCs3 Fair during the break time before our next game, and got back shortly before the third game started (: Talked to Qi & Vess about how the fundraiser was going, and it seemed to be going quite smoothly, went up to level 3 to check also cuz Qi said something happened upstairs but yup, after that returned to the sports com. 
HAHAHA BELLA WAS SO CUTE, was walking with Bella and Kris and then "Glad You Came" started playing, so Bella turned to Kris and went "This song is for you Kristin, I'M GLAD YOU CAME~" HAHAHAHA HILARIOUS OMG. 

Third game w 4R, won that one too! AAAAH we were so excited tbh, and we were so amazing. Andrea Wong hurt herself though ): Hope she's better now! Geared up for our last game with 4H, we were quite jittery about that and we talked about the odds. Like if we won this game, we would have a three way tie with H & S for the final 2 spot, but if we lost, H & S would go along to the finals. So we really wanted to win this one, because our benchball team is the strongest team in our class, but yup

GOD WAS AMAZING. Gladi said before every game she would go "Thank You Jesus for letting us win this game, amen!" HAHA SO CUTE, but yes we won our game with 4H (': Super super happy, we were jumping after that because we were really afraid we would lose to 4H because they are a very very good team (: But yes, amazingly, we qualified for the finals! AAAH! Despite the 3 way tie. To determine the final 2, they counted the number of goals we won by for each game, and added them all up to have one final score. So we go to the semis w 4S (': 

First semis game with 4O, and we won that! Omg we were really happy seeing how 4O trained a lot and stuff, YESSSS. I think there was just a general sense of great accomplishment whenever we won a game, (: I love my team, they're the best!

Prayed before the finals, and Sam goes "SEE WHICH CLASS GETS INTO THE FINALS, the one who puts a verse on the front of their class shirt!" HAHAHA truly, God is amazing (: Drama happened during the finals though, anyway FORGET ABOUT IT, told Mrs Lau about it yesterday because tbh it made my blood boil that they would think we have no integrity at all, but yes. WE WON WE WON WE WON BENCHBALL OMG <3 

Went to watch the kick off for the winner of the semis between O & I, sadly, we didn't get thru to the finals, but its ok, was pretty glad for 4O seeing how much they trained. Didn't stay to watch much of the semis between H & E, and subsequently the finals between O & H, instead, ran to check out the LTC kiddies' progress (: They seemed to be doing real well, made rounds with Nik and then she walked me back to the sports com for the closing ceremony (: 

Closing ceremony was rly cute, gave out prizes and stuff! Went up to collect medals for winning benchball, and it was so cute, because after our team got our medals and took our team photo and stuff, 4I shouted from the back "LONG LIVE KIM JUNG UN" HAHAHAHA LOVING MY NORTH KOREA CAN <3. Yup, so watching a routine by the MG cheerleaders marked the end of the Sec 4 Olympics, and rly enjoyed the time we spent playing (': can't believe its over!~
Ran off to meet the kids and spent the rest of the afternoon going around with them! Bought lunch from Ayn's class's stall. Its rly funny how the Sec 3 juniors I know are either from LTC (HAHA I saw Kristine today, it was so cute because when I saw her I went "KRISTINE" and she was like "EDLYN" HAHAHA cool how she still rmbs my name) or they are Nicole's guidey juniors like Ayn and Minhea HAHA.

Anyway, did loads of rounds w Nik, cleared up a bit with them. It was so tiring, running around with them, but so worth it. Problems began to spring up, but was so proud of them by trying their very best to handle every single one. I would say the project was an amazing success, because the Sec 3s ran out of stock quite quickly! YAY amazing! Love all my kids, they're so cute. Met loads of teachers around the place too, HAHA! Saw Mrs Lau, WE MUST TAKE LOADS OF POLAROIDS REAL SOON (L). SAW MRS WONG!!! HAHA so cool ok, fancy meeting Mrs Wong at MG! Ok I've seen her a couple of times, picking up her daughters. But yes, talked quite a bit to Mrs Wong who was exiting the hall when I saw her, and awww she saw me and immediately gave me a hug even though i was so sweaty. "Wah you're sec 4 already?? Oh my goodness so fast!" Really fast tbh ): she was my form teacher back in SAPS when I was P4 ): 6 years have flew past just like that. Anyway, Mrs Wong also told me I seemed more suited for AC than RJ, because of the culture. Hmmm. Saw Mrs Choo around too! Hahaha, saw her when she was climbing the stairs and when she saw me she walked down and gave me two packs of Ovaltine sweets super randomly awww yay yum! Love them la (': 

The day ended with counting the amount of money raised w the rest of the Carnelians in the meeting room, SO PROUD OF THEM, raised so much money!~ Counting money was so fun, hahaha, Mrs Gan and Ms Bong were so funny lor. They settled a date for post mortem, on Friday, I can't be there w them because I need to go for Swim Meets ): DAAANG. But yes so proud of them nonetheless. So thankful for this opportunity to spend time and watch amazing juniors like them grow. They're the batch doing RYC, YES YES YES RYC WAS AMAZEBALLS FUN, was telling Su Ern about it (: So nice that some of them were willing to share w me how they truly felt about their actions and reactions during the course of executing this project, and they just really warm my heart la, I'm so thankful they're few of the SLs we're handing our responsibilities over to. 

You guys are amazing <3

Got home, spent the entire night scanning my Polaroids in and texting (: It was a good time texting, so thankful how she understands what I'm gg through la, and how she's always willing to listen to what I'm gg thru. (: It was a really fun time texting about stuff. Love lots <3 

Slept really early last night because I was so tired HAHAHA. Also, was chased to sleep since 8.30 HAHA. Yesterday was a really lovely day, next Saturday'll be spent with my darling SLs omg love.

Happy Sunday